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The Midwest alternative rock band, Rai, breaks language and cultural barriers in the midst of Chicago's rising Latinx music scene.  Having been part of national festivals like Ruido Fest and Pilsen Fest throughout the years, and performed with Chicago upcoming artists like Lester Rey, Rosalba Valdez, Divino Niño, Gabacho and French Police, Rai's sound is a true representation of Southside Chicago's diversity. 

"Rai’s bilingual songwriting captures so much of what young Latino musicians face in the industry these days: the struggle to keep an eye on mainstream music trends and stay true their Latinidad." 


El Vacio is the first album produced by Rai, reflecting an existencial perspective of life inspired by relationships, psychedelic experiences, and urban culture. The album streams on all platforms on November 5th, 2022. 


Luz y Sombra
©Rai (2017)

"Luz y Sombra" refleja la influencia del moviento retro rock emergente en Mexico y Latinoamerica y afirma el compromiso de Rai a mantener sus raices Mexicanas en Estados Unidos.  La musica contrasta la dualidad del amor y sufrimiento e introduce un sonido ambiental y melodico.

"Luz y Sombra" reflects the influence of the retro rock movement emerging in Mexico and Latin-america and affirms Rai's compromise to embrace their Mexican roots in the USA.  The music contrasts the duality of love and suffering and it introduces an ambiant and melodic sound.  

Artwork: Mister Kanos
Produccion: Word-of-Mouth Recordings 

Sin Color
©Rai (2016)

"Sin Color" introdujo el sonido de Rai a la escena Indie Latino local de Chicago y captura la quimica y energia del primer año de la agrupacion.  La composicion del EP es biligue y varia en generos de rock y blues.

"Sin Color" introduced Rai's sound to the local Latin Indie scene in Chicago and it captures the chemistry and energy of the band's first year.  The EP's composition is bilingual and varies in genres of rock and blues.

Artwork: Mister Kanos
Produccion: Das FM 

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